Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guantanamo Britons to sue MI5 over ‘illegal interrogation’

Guantanamo Britons to sue MI5 over ‘illegal interrogation’

Eight men freed from Guantanamo Bay are suing the British Government for millions of pounds, claiming that it was complicit in the process in which they were detained and sent for interrogation at the detention camp.

The group have issued writs against MI5 and MI6 and said that the British authorities had knowledge of their illegal abduction, treatment and interrogation.

The eight men were detained in Afghanistan and Pakistan at various times. It is understood that they claim that the British authorities were aware that they would be removed to Guantanamo but nonetheless continued to co-operate with the Americans. The Daily Mail last night reported that two separate writs had been lodged by the group, with five Britons and three foreign citizens naming “The Security Services”, “The Secret Intelligence Agency” and “The Attorney-General” as defendants.

Mr Begg, who was arrested by the CIA in Pakistan in 2002, said that the case would centre on the “general behaviour and complicity in the abuse of British citizens” by MI5 and MI6.

Mr Begg, from Birmingham, told the newspaper: “It is actual involvement in some cases, in the process of interrogation, in the process of us being handed over. It is culpability by the British authorities in being involved in most of the process, their presence on every step of the journey before we got to Guantanamo.”


I hope the truth comes out how human rights laws are violated as the intelligence community and governements collude to torture Muslims, whose only crime is to follow Islamic teachings

Sshh, minister in Morocco tells muezzins, you’ll wake the tourists

Sshh, minister tells muezzins, you’ll wake the tourists

A MOROCCAN minister has provoked uproar by suggesting that, to avoid waking tourists, muezzins should make less noise when calling the faithful to prayer at dawn.

Nouzha Skalli, the 57-year-old family minister, called for a cut in the volume of loudspeakers amplifying the chant of the muezzins. She also suggested that the call to prayer, a daily ritual all over the Muslim world, be truncated.

Radical Islamists have mounted a noisy campaign against her, some of them challenging her right to a government job, given that she is a woman.

“This minister is determined to attack Muslims and Islam,” said Sidi Sliman, an imam.

Others have praised her initiative, arguing that children suffer as much as tourists from being woken at dawn by the muezzins.

Skalli, a well-known feminist, dismissed the fuss as a “hateful campaign by people irritated by my fight for women’s rights”. She went on: “They are spreading false rumours by suggesting that I want to ban the dawn call to prayer altogether.”

The call to prayer is a tradition dating back to the days of the Prophet Muhammad, when the first muezzin walked through the streets to summon the faithful to prayer.

Muezzins later took to perching in minarets. The job was often given to the blind, who could not peer into people’s inner courtyards.

The rumpus erupted after Skalli used a ministerial meeting on technical aspects of mosque construction to ask whether there was any legal limit on the decibels generated by hundreds of muezzins. She added: “It would be reasonable to regulate it because many mosques are located near tourist zones.” Morocco attracted more than 7m foreign visitors last year and wants to boost that figure to 10m by 2010.

The country’s highest religious body has asked muezzins to keep the volume down near hospitals and in nonMuslim districts. But since that edict was issued two years ago, it has been largely ignored.

Some have sprung to Skalli’s defence. Ahmed Benchemsi, editor of a weekly Francophone newspaper, warned that children’s sleep was being disturbed by wailing muezzins.

“Why don’t people protest?” he asked. “Because they are afraid of being stigmatised as bad Muslims. To mention the muezzins’ decibels is to call into question the prayer itself and even Islam.”


For the sake of the tourists the Muezzins must be careful and make less noise, but what about the tourists dressing modestly, consuming no alcohol and behaving in a civilised way?

It seems for some people money via tourism is more important than the teachings and obligations of Islam. Its perfectly fine and normal to wake Muslims up for fajr and there is immense reward in the act.

This is another example of a brainwashed Muslim who carries the western ideas and is willing to do their dirty work to take Muslims away from Islam.

'New anti-terrorism laws will help to protect Muslims', claims Jacqui Smith

Jacqui Smith was today facing a fresh row over her anti-terrorism plans after claiming that new laws will help to protect Muslims.

In a speech in London, the Home Secretary said the biggest threat to Muslims would come from a backlash that would follow a successful terrorist attack - rather than an extension of pre-charge detention to 42 days or other new legislation.

The claim came as she announced an extra 300 police officers to work on preventing radicalisation as she warned it was not possible to "arrest our way" out of the terrorist threat.

Ms Smith said terrorism was a "serious and growing threat" in this country and there had been successes in the important work of arrests and convictions.

But she warned on BBC Breakfast: "In the end we can't arrest our way out of the terrorist threat.

"We need to prevent people from becoming terrorists and supporting terrorists in the first place.

"That means challenging the sort of ideology that supports terrorism, it means working in our communities to make sure that those mainstream voices are stronger, it means identifying people who might be at risk of being drawn into terrorism and violent extremism."

Ms Smith said police officers could help with this sort of preventive work, in partnership with other groups.

"That is why we are investing in police officers to pursue and to disrupt terrorist plots but also to prevent people turning to terrorism in the first place," she said.


Another initiative which misses the target and causes of radicalisation completely. Every single Muslim is angry with western foreign policy in relation to Islam and Muslim lands, but we channel our anger and frustrations via legitamate Islamic dawah work.

It is only a very small minority who wish to reciprocate and retaliate against the west via certain actions. So the solution is very simple, stop interfering in Islamic lands and stop the killings of Muslims worldwide and you will see a change in attitude regarding Britain, and the terror threat will be reduced overnight.

Binmen in Muslim areas ordered by terror police to snoop in residents' rubbish bin

Binmen in Muslim areas ordered by terror police to snoop in residents' rubbish bins

Police chiefs ordered binmen to act as spies by sifting through rubbish to look for pamphlets produced by Islamic terror groups.

Town halls responsible for areas with large Muslim populations were summoned to London and told to get their refuse collectors to search bins for discarded documents or material that might identify and incriminate Islamic extremists.

The Mail on Sunday understands that the instruction was issued at a secretive summit hosted by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), attended by Ministers and Andy Hayman, who at the time was Britain's top anti-terror policeman and an Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.


Checking our rubbish, tapping our phones, spies in the masjids, whatever next? Maybe put all Muslims in concentration camps, reminds me of Nazi Germany all over again.

Egypt Islamists' wait for power

Egypt Islamists' wait for power

It is not easy to find the headquarters of Egypt's largest opposition movement. The unremarkable building overlooking the Nile in Manial in central Cairo has no sign.

Only a nod from the security guard when you ask "al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun?" reassures you that you have arrived at the office of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nowadays the Islamist organisation - which is officially banned - has more reason than usual to keep a low profile.

In recent weeks the Egyptian government has stepped up its crackdown on members ahead of local elections on 8 April. More than 800 have been arrested.

"It looks like the ruling National Democratic Party is not able to compete fairly with the Muslim Brotherhood," the Brotherhood's Deputy Chairman, Mohammed Habib, tells me. "Therefore it is resorting to odd and exceptional measures."

In 2005, Brotherhood candidates - running as independents - clinched more than a fifth of seats in Egypt's parliamentary elections. Mr Habib says the government wants to prevent a repetition of that success.

"They felt scared and panicked when they saw the result. Afterwards they changed their strategy and tried to marginalise and undermine the Muslim Brotherhood."


The Muslim Ummah has witnessed political nepotism and corruption for over fifty years in some countries and now wants to adopt Sharia as the solution to improve the lives of ordinary people, remove corruption and please Allah swt by implementing his laws in his earth.